Egbe Bound!

nigeria sign

The papers have been signed, its official we are Egbe Bound!!! Since October Nick and I have been busy, busy! Paper work, applications, psychology exams, visiting SIM, writing e-mails, and more have kept our heads spinning!  However, we have enjoyed every minute of it! We are so in love with our Lord and Savior and are thrilled to be following His commands and desires for us!

After returning from Egbe, Nigeria in July of last year our lives were transformed.  We attempted to go back to life as normal just writing this trip off as a check in the box, a lesson learned. We knew what we had to do, what we were suppose to do.  Go back to work, continue fostering a successful career, start prepping for a family.  Frantically we were trying to write our story. Organizing paragraphs, distinguishing chapters, and keeping mistakes edited out, all in anticipation of that happy ending.  No doubt, the story was turning out great, would like to say it had all capability of being a Nicholas Spark best seller! However, we stopped, why not let God dictate the story. We can write the messy, rough draft but allow Him to edit, refine, and decide on the happy ending.   So, we extended our hands, put down the pencil, stopped typing (whatever analogy works for you!) and allowed God to take over.

So far we are really enjoying the story He is giving us to write.  We applied to SIM in October, committed and ready to spend the next two years of our lives in mission and ministry.  Where, well hopefully somewhere in Africa!? Egbe would be nice, we loved it there, and we know people! We wrote to our friends in Egbe, telling them and just extending a hand to say, “if you happen to need us, we would love to come back!” However, in the back of my mind I knew it was a long shot.  Egbe Hospital needs doctors, nurses, surgeons, skilled construction workers, not us!  We are a teacher and firefighter. I know God can use all skills somewhere, but for us its not in Egbe.  I am being selfish again God, I am sorry, send me where you need me! Well, two months went by.  No word from Egbe. Okay, its obvious now they really don’t need us.  I will pray and prepare for new places. Even started to have glimpses of doubt, was this really Gods call on our life?

Then BAM on December 17th God showed off His great power.  We received several e-mails from people in Egbe saying they needed a teacher, actually had been praying for a teacher! Nick, we can use him too.  Plenty of work aligning with his skill set to be done.  There it was, God will dictate, you just write it down, you just follow!

Next chapter, Support Team! Who wants a guest appearance in the book???