Can’t Go Alone…Support Team Dinner

ImageLet the work begin, our first official support raising event is this Saturday!  Katie and I have started the process of committing our lives to God’s will, and raising support to do it. Yes, raising SUPPORT, we need LOTS of it! As we started this walk we were definitely taking steps in faith, and each step felt a little shaky. However, with each step we could feel God making the path strong underneath our feet. He has cleared the way and made the path straight. Our shaky steps turned into strides followed by a sprint. Racing towards Him and His will for us! Although, we slowed down a little, realizing we can’t just snap our fingers or tap our heels and be in Egbe. More importantly, it can’t just be Nick and Katie’s big move, but that of many. We are in the race, but are others!? We can’t go as individuals this is a team effort. Thats the way God designed it!

What a joy it is to know God has given us all the ability to know and be part of His plan, in our own unique way. He designed the world to share in His joy together. For a long time I didn’t realize it. I thought Katie and I can’t ask people to buy in to our mission. We have to do it on our own. I am not asking people to pay my salary!!! I am not asking people to pray for me, Nick’s good, other people need prayer more. However, God told me to wake up!! Trade the self dependence, for God dependence.

To be a mission dependent on God it has to be the kind that gives everyone the ability to be a part of it. Not only monetarily, but through prayer and encouragement too. Jesus commands us ALL to go! And to answer the question we get a lot….No, that doesn’t mean we all must sell everything and move to Africa!! However, we all must find our piece in the puzzle, our path to follow. After a shaky start, Katie and I know our path is to physically GO and be the hands and feet of God in Egbe. However, just hands and feet can be limited. We need the rest of the body. We want our friends and family to fill that void. By being the body to our hands and feet, you too can join in the experience and joy of spreading Gods love. Let me tell you I have felt that joy, and would love for many of my friends and family to experience it. So, will your join our team??? Please pray about it, ask God if He wants you to be a part of Egbe. Even if the answer is no, thats okay. Maybe He has something else in mind for you. And we would love to share in your excitement for that. We want to be involved with more than just our mission too!!

However, if you think God is leading you to help in Egbe your first opportunity to get involved will be this weekend:

What:  Support Team Dinner
When: Saturday, Feb 22nd 5:30-8:00
Where: Main Street UMC Fellowship Hall
Why: Learn more about Egbe Hospital and how you too can be a part of this mission!

* meal is free, however donations are appreciated.  With all money going directly towards our mission.

If you can’t come to the dinner e-mail us, we would love to set up a time to talk to you more.