Support Team Kickoff Success

Our Support Team Kickoff Dinner on February 22nd was a huge success!!! We are so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by an amazing family in Christ, excited to join our team!  In just one night your generosity allowed us to become almost 50% funded for the one time cost needed for our move to Egbe!  More importantly, by filling the room you proved we will not go on this journey alone! Still much work is to be done, we are still praying daily for more prayer partners and financial partners.  Please contact us, let’s get together and talk about how you can fit into Gods wonderful work  in Egbe!


The room was filled with friends, family, church family and more! All coming with open hearts ready to find out how they could become a part of our ministry!


Many people worked very hard to make this night a success.


We loved sharing all about Egbe Hospital, the Egbe community, the Revitalization, and more.


Our team t-shirts nearly sold out!! More are coming in soon! Let us know if you want one! Sizes youth small to adult 2xl.  $20 for adults $15 for kids.  With all proceeds going of course to our mission!



2 thoughts on “Support Team Kickoff Success

  1. I’m so privileged to be on your mailing list, Nick & Katie! And I don’t even know if you remember me. We visited a few times during SIMStart, but I know you met many people at that time. Nigeria holds a special place in our hearts, Meg being born there and our working there for over 13 years. Although our work was in Jos & Miango, I’ve been to Egbe several times. And Don Campion is a very long-time friend of ours. He was in Meg’s class growing up, and I was his roommate in high school one year.

    Anyway, all that to say: What a great letter you wrote! And you’ve got some great ideas to get to your one-time goal. So I’m praying that God will bring people along who will really want to invest in this ministry God has given you on a monthly basis. I’m praying that this letter will be used by God to move hearts.

    One suggestion I’d have for you is this: 99% of the people who receive this letter will know you by your picture. But, if you’re like us, we send our letters to people who don’t know us very well. So my suggestion is that you put your names in the letter clearly. Usually people will look for your names at the bottom of the letter, but as long as it’s somewhere prominent in the letter, I think that’s important.

    Keep up the good work. Know you’re being prayed for by your friends in Charlotte. I look forward to seeing you in June…at least that’s what I see your plan is – to come to the June SIMGo.


  2. Proud of you guys! Talked to SS Class about a one time gift. Have not heard back yet but optimistic! Dennis

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