The Myths, The Legends, Mark and Abby Anderson

mark and abby
Mark and Abby

Well this week Mark and Abby Anderson will be saying their farewells, good-byes, and HOPEFULLY their see you laters to Egbe, Nigeria.  The Anderson’s originally from Denver, CO came to Egbe in 2011 as the Construction and Volunteer Managers to the Hospital Revitalization Project.  To say their time in Egbe was a success would be quite the understatement.   Incredible progress has been made because of their astounding leadership: over 400 volunteers have come to Egbe to serve, 16 missionary and resident homes have been renovated, a 12,000 square foot main hospital building with six doctors offices was constructed, the out patient department completed, ICU completed, laboratory and x-ray completed, under 5’s clinic and pharmacy completed, and numerous plans for additional infrastructure upgrades have been put in place.

However, I selfishly consider Mark and Abby’s greatest accomplishment to be what they did in our lives.  I guess you can add to their list of accomplishments: they built 2 missionaries.  I often look back at our 2 week stay in Egbe.  I think about how our construction team just happen to be assigned to the 2 weeks before Mark and Abby left on a 2 week break.  I think wow, what if we would have picked to go on the trip the following weeks, instead of the weeks we did?!  How grateful I am this didn’t happen, would our trip have warranted the same outcome?!

our crew
Our Short Term Team

Now, I can’t honestly say our trip wouldn’t have still been great without them.  Our 8 member Samaritans Purse team was a dynamic crew, the 2 summer interns Jeremy and Luke kept us laughing, Amanda Forman a short term SIM intern has become a close friend we still talk with almost daily, and Will King the good ol’ Georgia boy, also employed by Samaritans Purse, Nick and I bonded with instantly!  A mission trip it was, and although we worked hard together each day, the good times and laughter sometimes made the trip seem more like a vacation with lifelong friends!  Running club, intense volleyball matches, worship time, hikes, peculiar card games, field trips to market, catch phrase antics, devotions, motor bike tours and more! The fun never ended!

However,  in just two weeks Mark and Abby became instant heroes to Nick and I. God truly meant for us to meet! Through them we saw what we wanted.  What we aspired for our marriage to look like.  Two people, one mission- serve God!  They are the perfect team! Mark soft spoken, but wise, makes a great leader because through his actions he sets high expectations.  Abby not so soft spoken, immediately brings energy and excitement to any situation, her fun loving attitude is contagious! Like I said the perfect team!  Although, they are leaving as we are coming we know it all part of Gods plan.  We will follow along with them on their new journey through support, prayer and friendship. They will undoubtedly be praying for us, in that we better not mess up all their hard work!!!  We even have the incredible honor or living in their home in Egbe!!?? WOW- the pressure is on!!abby and me

Mark and Abby Anderson the myths, the legends….our heroes! Well done my friends, best of luck and always remember, “GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD!!!”

Follow Mark and Abby and read about all their greatness@

egbe on fire
Mark and Nick exchange Winston Salem and Egbe Fire apparel 🙂

One thought on “The Myths, The Legends, Mark and Abby Anderson

  1. To God be the glory! We do not deserve the credit. It is ALL Him. I am excited for you two, because God will use your willingness to do extraordinary things beyond your capabilities. I know because we are incapable people. The Bible is full of examples of broken people that God uses to do work beyond themselves. It is when I look back from where God pulled me out of the ditch and I recognize that where we stand today has nothing to do with us. We were only willing. Know, without a doubt, that we will be praying for you in Egbe. We look forward to see how God uses you. Pray up and get ready for the ride… is gonna be an adventure!

    We hope to see you guys in NC!

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