Safety in Gods Will

nigeria girlsThe happenings and breaking news out of Nigeria over the past couple of weeks is nothing short of tragic. Our hearts are breaking for our Nigerian sisters, innocently taken by such an evil and malicious attack. As this story, as well as, other news of militant activity across northern Nigeria has made world headlines many family members and friends have rightfully been concerned. Their fret has had them asking questions. “Are you sure you should move to Nigeria? Does this concern you? Are you still going to go? Do you feel safe?”

Well, to sum it up and answer these questions: No, we are never sure about most things, and we can never be totally 100% sure we are making the right decision. However, ONE thing we can be absolutely, positively, undoubtedly sure about is our relationship and trust in God. Yes, the news is very concerning to us and we pray everyday for Gods sovereignty to take hold and put an end to this menacing group! However, yes we feel safe! Why? First of all, this activity is very far from the town which we will actually live- about 700 miles to be exact. However, more importantly, no matter if we are living in a quaint American neighborhood with 24 hour neighborhood watch or in the bush of Nigeria. The center of Gods will is where we find safety.

nigeria map
travel time has limited accuracy due to road conditions. could probably say +5 hours 🙂

This is our belief and our stronghold. Rooted deeply in the teachings of scripture. We know those who have relentlessly sought out God and His will have surely found their padded room, their CPI, their safety net, their safe haven! Noah, followed Gods will and was a survivor of the great flood. Jonah, finally sacrificing to God, was saved through the belly of a whale. Moses followed Gods will and led the israelites to safety out of Egypt. David, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, the list goes on! We much prefer the heart of Nigeria inside the will of God, then any “super safe” place outside of His will.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what Gods will is- his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2


6 thoughts on “Safety in Gods Will

  1. you said it best. the center of His will is where you are safest. Great perspective and one that we daily held onto (and still continue)!!!!

  2. Here are some things that might help people understand how big Nigeria is…

    Also, I used to relate things to people like, “if more terrorist attacks happened in say Chicago, would you move out of your home and go somewhere else?” (Saying they still lived in KY or NC in your case. Nigeria is bigger than Texas!

    Lastly, your google map timing for that drive is way off. To get to Jos, which is half way on that pictured route, is 11-12 hours drive. So, to get to that place, I bet you could easily add another 5 hours to that. Google doesn’t take into account he bad roads, checkpoints, and potty breaks on the side of the road!


    Lenny Miles Missionary #040380


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