Swinging for Egbe

“We are a Christ-centered community where disciples are made (Matthew 28:19) by loving God and caring for others (Matthew 22:37) in the greater Kernersville area and throughout the world.” – Main Street UMC mission statement

Main Street United Methodist Church is where I grew up and where I have been a member since age 2.  I have always known it to be a pretty exceptional place, but the last few months have made me realize exceptional would in fact be a pretty exceptional understatement! Since our decision to move to Nigeria in January, our church family, has led the way in getting the whole community rallied behind us in support. Individual members, Sunday school classes, women’s circle groups, the youth group, etc. have easily been the providers of over 50% of our funding, and they haven’t slowed down yet!

Most recently, the church decided to dedicate two of its annual, large fundraisers to our ministry. A yard sale in April and golf tournament in May. Many people worked tirelessly to warrant great success, and in both events Gods power reigned as record breaking totals were made. Allowing us to take a giant leap forward in working towards 100% funding! Nick and I love watching as more and more people use their unique gifts to step alongside us in our ministry. We love giving our church family and friends another opportunity from which to find joy in serving Christ. I think anyone involved so far can tell you just how FUN it has been! When you step up and give back to Gods kingdom the joy gained in return is simply unmeasurable!

Clearly, Main Street UMC, is living out the above statement of mission not only through us, but through so many different avenues!!! Here below are some pictures from both events. I hope you can see the JOY in serving CHRST seeping through each one!

yard sale
UMW Circle #5 – sponsored this great yard sale for Egbe
yard sale 1
Jill our cashier!
yard sale 2
ladies working hard
Egbe Golf Tees
Hole Sponsors- the whole community getting involved!
checking in the golfers
Nick, Morris and Ever Green Farms
goodies for golfers!
good friends having fun
happy team- Mark second from the left was the leader of putting this whole tournament on. He worked very hard for Egbe!
young supporters having fun
putting contest judges
Hot Dog Cooks!
our ladies team
teeing off
Mary Beth and Dalton


Luke (our t-shirt designer) and Danny Flynt

One thought on “Swinging for Egbe

  1. You may already know, but my Sunday school class sponsored a hole at the golf tournament and have committed to paying $20.00 per month of expenses. Hope this is helpful! Dennis

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