At the Cliff

“The cliff edge of our anxiety about the future may indicate that God is calling us to a new and different level of faith. When we walk, praying for guidance, to the edge of all the light we have and breathlessly take the first step into the foggy mystery of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen: either God will provide us with something rock-solid to land on and stand on, or he will teach us how to fly.” (from “The Crime of Living Cautiously” by Luci Shaw)

fire deptOur Pastor, Jeff Patterson, posted this quote the other night and it sure did hit home for Katie and I.  We certainly are stepping closer and closer to the edge of our personal cliff as we inch in on our departure date. You can feel the anxiousness set in. Our house is rented, cars are sold, furniture stored away, and clothes thinned out. Katie has now finished up her year at Union Cross Elementary School and resigned from her teaching career with Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools. I’ve come down to my last two shifts with the Winston Salem Fire Department, and will soon be holding my exit interview. As all this takes place we have caught ourselves counting all the “last”. What we thought would be a lot easier to walk away from has proven to be very difficult. The roots we have set over past few years may not be too incredibly deep yet, but are strong making stepping away very hard.

schoolAlso, we are blessed to be in the midst of some good quality family time as my cousins wedding, brothers wedding, family beach trips, and nephews 1st birthday take place. However, the excitement of these events can somewhat turn to uneasiness knowing these too are “last” and we will soon be a part for sometime. We are use to seeing our families daily, weekly or at least monthly so to be separated for a long period of time surely will carry some stress.

With this, I can feel God taking me deeper. Deeper into a faith I never had before. A reliance on Him and Him alone to make clear our path and to guide Katie and I. This trust has a very calming effect. Knowing what your doing is right, good and in HIS will gives us unspeakable joy. Stepping out in faith into a new life is very sobering, but at the same time the most rewarding and exciting experience we have ever been a part of. The process of leaving behind our American comforts to commit our life to that of missionaries has been full of anxiety.  However, we trust and can already feel God preparing that solid rock or those wings to fly!nick family

With our monthly support growing, but not yet reached we continue to ask for many to prayerfully consider partnering with us in this mission. Don’t take this post the wrong way here, we are extremely excited about our new life and EVEN MORE excited to share it with our team of supporters!  So, please join the team- we need you!!

Support through prayer by e-mailing Katie @

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