SIMgo and 30 days to go!

SIM signWe are currently in Charlotte, NC for SIMgo.  A two week long training program with our sending agency SIM.  We are also less than 30 days away from our departure date!  Our visas came in the mail just this morning and our plane tickets will be purchased today!  We need your prayers right now more then ever!  Please pray for us in the following ways over the next 30 days:

* Training– acquiring the knowledge we need to better equip ourselves for missionary life.  Also in, building relationships with the amazing people who are here at SIM USA and those going to serve all over the world!

* Time with family– good, meaningful time together the next few weeks.  As well as, peace as the anticipation climbs about being apart for a long period of time.

working at SIM
Katie @ work, Nick not so much 😉

* Last 20% of monthly support to be fulfilled – we need approximately $500 more dollars pledge in monthly faith commitments.  That breaks down to commitments of 2 people @ $100 a month, 4 people @ $50 a month, 2 people @ $25 a month, 2 people @ $20 a month, 2 people @ $15 a month and we will be at 100% funding! Could you prayerfully consider fulfilling one of these spots and generously supporting our ministry.  If so, click HERE!

vaccination time

Bringing me to my final thought and reason for wanting to write today.  It is in fact a little unnerving for Nick and I to be planning our departure and still sitting at less then 100% funding. However, through prayer and our personal relationship with God we feel confidant that mid July is in fact the date God is saying to us, “Go!” Therefore, we trust and know God will provide the rest by the time the engine of the plane cranks up!  We trust this because of stories like that of Joshua. Joshua was entrusted to take over for Moses and to lead the Israelites across the Jordan River to the promise land.   He confidently and zealously led the people straight towards the Jordan River trusting God would show them the way across.  God didn’t part the waters when Joshua was 20 miles out or 20% of the way there. Joshua had to go and lead in faith God would come through when the time came.  God in fact waited until Joshua and the Israelites with the Arc of the Covenant in tow put their feet in the water before His power was reveleaved and the river upstream stopped flowing!

Therefore, we plan to GO in 30 days trusting the holy spirit to move into the hearts of our last few financial partners during this time.   We trust Him to clear that path just in the nick of time!

visas come in
Celebrating the news from our parents that Nigerian visas have arrived!


2 thoughts on “SIMgo and 30 days to go!

  1. Impressive! Sending out a prayer letter while at SIMGo. Well done!!

    So glad to have you here, soon to be in Nigeria. “Do not fear, for the Lord your God goes before you.”

    I’m proud of you guys and very proud to know you!


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