SIM Training

 Some pictures from our 2 weeks of training at SIM USA.  What an enriching and wonderful experience!  Surrounded by those blessed to go and serve all over the world!

SIM Campus
SIM campus
June 2014 SIMgo class. Minus 2 for safety reason 😦
You know your a missionary when…@ the end of the day you unpack your bag and you have an evangecube and rabies vaccine!
Morning chapel. Wonderful way to start each day.
Working @ SIM 2
Working in class on our support team database. Allowing us to keep in touch with each of you!
Building Community
One of the many great sessions. This one by Bob Hay on the importance of Community.
Learning from the Best
Learning from the experienced!
Working @ SIM
Keeping our eyes on the prize!! Egbe Hospital here we come!!
SIM staff V Appointees Volleyball Game!
Nick Testimony
Nick sharing our testimony!
Ackleys Prayer
Ackley’s praying for us after testimony. They grew up in Nigeria!!
watching world cup at lunch
All of SIM gathered at lunch watching the world cup!
Bob and Carol
Bob and Carol Givens our amazing coaches, roommates and #1 fans!
nigeria sign
Next stop Egbe, Nigeria!

7 thoughts on “SIM Training

  1. Hi Nick and Katie. This is so special to see your post on this blog. Terrific to remember back over our two weeks together. We enjoyed sharing the suit with you both and learning and growing together. Hugs to you both as you continue on the adventure. Hugs, Bob & Carol

  2. I am so happy for both of you. I know the Lord is with you all the way and I look forward to seeing it happen!!

  3. I have your blog on my toolbar, bookmarked. I will pray daily for your health, your safety and your loving ministry. I stand in awe of your generosity of time, your shared gifts and your beautiful spirit!

    Jan Stair

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