Hard Good Byes and Happy Hellos

HERE we are in EGBE after almost a year of hard work we have finally arrived in our new home!!!

To put it simply the good bye part STUNK!!! I despised every second of the process!!!  However, the despise only verifies the blessing. Difficult good byes can only mean one thing, the relationships are strong and the love is real!  Leaving our families and friends was with out a doubt the hardest part of this process.  The giving away of material possessions was gratifying, support raising was faith building, but when it came to leaving behind our loved ones, were we ready to count the cost? It has been and will continue to be a hard battle as we will miss our family and friends daily.

However, we delight in the confidence He has given us to truly follow Him.  The welcoming into our new community was a joyous occasion and full of celebration!  The minute we arrived on the hospital compound we were greeted with warm hugs, happy hellos, and exuberant song!  We are excited to spend the next few days and weeks adapting to our new town, but more importantly anxious to begin building relationships with all these new and wonderful people!  Our new community surrounds us with love!

Thanks to ALL who have been loving on us and supporting us every step of the way!  Keep praying and sharing with us!

Pictures Below of our first few days in Egbe…..

Our NEW house aka Anderson Manor


Arrival 2
Greeted by Pastor and members of 1st ECWA church underneath the official Egbe Hospital welcoming tree!
Arrival 3
Patrice and I finally meet face to face!!
Arrival 5
Lenny and Nick meet for the first time dressed just alike


Arrival 4
Part of the missionary team in front of our new home! Dr Bert Oubre, Lenny Miles, Nick and I, Patrice Miles, Dr Dana Iglesia
Jolie, Cason and Ayo keeping me company while I unpack and enjoying all the new school supplies!
Town tour with Patrice. Showing us all the Egbe hot spots!
Downtown Egbe!
Egbe store