RISE and SHINE and give GOD your GLORY!

“Get out of bed, Jerusalem! Wake up. Put your face in the sunlight.  

God’s bright glory has risen for you.”

Psalm 60:1 The Message

It was easily one of our favorite parts of Egbe last summer and it continues to ring true for our life here now!  Many have heard us talk about it and even have shown you videos.  However, everyone must experience an Egbe morning! This community truly embraces the essence of one of my favorite childhood songs based from the above scripture Psalm 60:1.   Therefore, I am thankful to now have the opportunity to truly live this out day to day.  Each morning Nick goes to devotion time with the hospital staff and/or the workshop devotion with the revitalization and maintenance staff.  Simultaneously, I spend my mornings in devotions at the guest house kitchen with the women of the compound. We also enjoy going to the nursing schools devotion in Chapel on Wednesday mornings.  Each is unique, but all have one thing in common, they rejoice and praise the new day in paramount fashion!!  The singing and dancing is contagious! So much so, that Nick and I have to let go of our inability to keep a beat and shameful American nature to just LET LOOSE!!

We love starting our days this way.  Back home we always tried to have our daily, personal devotion time and did so most days.  However, we all know our hectic lifestyles can often force this time to be replaced, shortened, or even have the feeling of another event scheduled into our day.  Although, here it is just as much a part of your day as sleeping and eating.  If devotion time is over by the time you are suppose to start work then so be it.  However, if the holy spirit is leading us to a lengthy discussion of the daily topic we gladly stay- not checking and stressing over time!

I hope you all will enjoy the below videos showing an Egbe morning and I hope to encourage each of you to quiet your soul to start each day. Suppress all the “STUFF” the world is telling you to do. Then allow the JOY found in our Lord to come flooding in!



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6 thoughts on “RISE and SHINE and give GOD your GLORY!

  1. So beautiful Katie! Still praying daily for you and Nick. Thank you for your inspiration on a wet weekend here in NC!

  2. Thanks Katie for the reminder that I should start my day praising God for another day and should give thanks at the end of the day for all that he did for getting me through the day. Continue prayers for you and Nick.

  3. That was just what I needed this morning. I have been praying quite a bit for you two and know God has Amazing plans for y’all.

    Much love and god bless,

    Jason Hefner (704)301-9755

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Katie this post was exactly what I needed today! So well said! It’s something here we need to focus more on. Love you both. Think and pray for you daily! Keep the messages and posts coming!

  5. Hey Katie and Nick,
    You’re in our prayers and the prayers of the JC Grose class each week. Really enjoying the photos and videos to get a picture of your life there. Much love, Jan and Wade Hampton

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