C.A.R.E. Africa

God making big things happen here in Egbe through Patrice, Emma and CARE Africa. I am also looking forward to my small role as weekly accountability mentor and tutor to the orphans. Please read, pray, support.

Miles In Missions

2What is C.A.R.E. Africa? Children At Risk Empowered! When I arrived in Egbe over a year ago, I immediately fell in love with the women in the Guesthouse kitchen. These amazing women, who are now my best friends, always carried a smile and joy in their hearts. Their stories however, would not bring a smile to your face or joy to your heart. Most of them are abandoned mothers who have been abused in one form or another. Their stories are a re-occurring theme I have found with women in Egbe.

This love for my girls in the kitchen and their children put a burden on my heart for abandoned mothers. How could I help empower them? How could I help them to walk closer with the Lord? How could I help and not hurt their situation so they can send their children to school and put food in their mouths…

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