Merry Christmas!!!

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Since we were reluctant to send out a proper and official holiday greeting card.  We decided to send one virtually!! Our hope and prayer is for each of you to experience the true joy this season brings. Thank you for the many prayers, gifts, and love you have shown to us this past year.  We look forward to 2015 and continuing to share in ministry together!


I Live Where!?

Most of our working days are spent inside our 33 acre mission station. We live in a relatively “Americanized” house, I teach American children, we study American curriculum, and with the exception of a few- my neighbors are Americans. Consequently, some days I have to stop, look around, take a deep breath and say, “I LIVE IN AFRICA!” Easily, I could develop a ritualistic day to day routine causing perspective to be lost. Letting purpose and vision dissolve. Focusing simply and plainly on the day to day task-nothing else! Therefore, I am grateful and rejoice in the opportunities when God moves me and empowers me beyond the desire of my flesh to widen my eyes and say….

I am tired, a nap would be nice…but go visit with someone!

I don’t need anything this week…but lets go out to the market anyways!

It is really early, I would rather hit snooze…but go for your early morning run through the bush!

I don’t want to get eaten alive by mosquitos…but go, sit and watch the futbol match!

A movie would be relaxing tonight…but instead go to the hospital, pray for patients!

I will not understand much, the speakers are deafening…but go to church anyways!

Man it is hot…but play volleyball or ping pong with friends!

It is crowded, busy, and stressful…but go run some errands in town!

I think I want to go home, I could do all this there… but NO you are home!

I live where!? I live in Africa, God humbly reminds me of this each day!

a few pictures of how God restores vision…