School Supply Smiles

Due to the kindness and generosity of friends, family and our home church- Main Street United Methodist- a lot of sorting and organizing has been going on this week at Egbe School! In September you responded to our request quickly, and tenaciously filled my parents living room with an array of school supply needs!  Now after a long seven month journey the supplies begin bringing joy to Egbe School and the entire community.  So much was donated I have been able to share with our hospital staff, local children, CARE Africa orphans, and even kid patients!  Thank you so much for allowing us to be on the receiving end of so many smiles, hope these pictures will allow you to share in this joy!

The NEW supplies fills the school room!!!


These kids were most excited about new pencil sharpeners. Typically they use a blade to sharpen at school!


Cason enjoys PE, so he is going to love using all the new equipment!
Immediately Ayo and Bright wanted to have a drawing lesson with their new pencil and crayons. We drew robots!
Drawing packets for kid in the hospital!
Small child badly burned from a house fire. I promise she was happy, she was just scared of the strange “Oyinbo” (white person).
A few of the CARE Africa kids with new notebooks!
Jolie loves art, so will love using all the new brushes and paints!

3 thoughts on “School Supply Smiles

  1. Thank you Nick and Katie. It is fun to see all of the joy a few simple supplies can bring to kids! God bless and protect you! Dennis and Vivian

  2. Love seeing the joyous smiles of these precious children!!! And thanks be to God for you, their awesome teacher! Love, Diane

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