Tobi the Artist

Tobi the Artist

IMG_6064Nick and I both have been very blessed with remarkably healthy lives. We have never found ourselves sick or injured for an extended period of time,  never confined to a hospital room or bed ridden.  However, we can imagine it to be a rather unpleasant, miserable, and gloomy experience -even if it is to be in the western world with plush medical amenities!

Meet Tobi Jimoh.  Tobi has been at ECWA Hospital Egbe since January as result of a badly broken leg (femur, fibula, and tibia). Tobi works at a block factory, making cinderblocks.  While using a machine his leg became trapped inside, snapped, and undeniably left mangled.  Upon being rushed to the hospital our medical team was able to treat Tobi’s injury, but without an orthopedic surgeon the only option was to set the bones through the use of traction.  The less than luxurious traction bed became Tobi’s home from January until April as the weight and pulley system slowly worked to heal his leg.  Restricted to lying flat on his back, and leg dangling at a ninety degree angle.  After four months in traction the bones were still not healing as strong as the doctors would have liked, and to make matters worse Tobi began battling an infection in his lower leg.  The infection got so bad at one point they thought they may have to amputate below the knee.  However, after much prayer the Lord allowed our doctors to treat the infection properly, and even brought an orthopedic surgeon to Egbe for a short term visit!  Tobi was then able to have the surgery he needed, and using several plates, bolts, and screws they secured the bones together.  Still restricted to the hospital, but now able to at least relax his leg on the bed free from traction!  Tobi’s leg is presently doing much better, and awaits complete healing to be released from Egbe Hospital.

Tobi’s resilience and seldom ceasing optimism caught Nicks attention early on.  As a result, frequent visits began and a friendship developed.  Tobi and Nick enjoy each others company, but Tobi especially enjoys when Nick brings a movie on his laptop! On those nights Tobi becomes instant celebrity of the mens wards as all the patients huddle around his bed to watch!  Also, early on one of Tobi’s greatest talents was revealed to us, and that was art!  He is a remarkable artist, and most loves pottery.  However, his drawing abilities are phenomenal as well.  A sketch pad was gifted to him by another missionary, and we have since enjoyed watching his masterpieces unfold lying flat on his back!

Well, as you can imagine Tobi’s prolonged stay in the hospital, an extensive surgery, and the inability to work has left him and his wife with quite the financial burden.  His current hospital bill is over 300,000 Naira, equivalent to about $1500.  This amount of money is most likely above a years worth of work for an average laborer like Tobi.  Therefore, we are asking for help.  Egbe Hospital’s policy is that no patient is discharged until payment is received, but will of course deny no one proper medical care.  The hospital also has many avenues in which to help patients in a financial struggle, and one such area is the Benevolence Fund. However, the need for the fund often greatly outweighs the gifts. So, here is what we would like to offer.  If you are interested in giving to ECWA Hospital Egbe’s Benevolence Fund in honor of Tobi Jimoh, in return we will send you a piece of original Tobi Jimoh Art.  A drawing as depicted below.  Please e-mail us at or for details on how your donation can be made!  Tobi is ready, anxiously awaiting orders! May he leave Egbe Hospital very soon, skipping on two legs, and a better disciple of Jesus Christ!