Tobi the Artist Part 2 – His Better Half

FolakeThe response after our latest blog post was remarkable, and we are exceedingly grateful. To give an update, Tobi’s current hospital bill has been paid. Nonetheless, he is still here and accumulating a bill. Donations can still be made, and art can still be yours! Doctors hope to have him released within 2-3 weeks. We have placed an order for his drawing supplies to come with a volunteer this weekend, and Tobi will begin preparing all his generous donors with his work!

However, the story continues. His “friend”, Folake, has equally matched Tobi’s faithfulness and endurance throughout this time of suffering. Folake has remained by Tobi’s side since January, loyally tending to his every need. All the while, sleeping on a mat beside him every night for the past five months. Caretakers at Egbe Hospital bear the responsibility of providing food and all basic needs for patients. Consequently, making part of Folake’s daily routine collecting new bandages and gauze for dressing Tobi’s wound. To do so she would have to come and pick them up at our Central Supply Room. The Central Supply Room (CSR) is Nick’s hospital home as he oversees most of the hospital and operating room supply distribution. Over time Folake started coming to CSR for more than just the purpose of gathering supplies. Starting to ask how can I help? What can I do? Can I roll gauze? Can I fold dressing packs? Nick and our Nigerian CSR man were appreciative of the help, and graciously allowed Folake to volunteer her time.

Recently, due to some unfortunate events, we lost our main Nigerian Central Supply guy. Requiring Nick to run the show on his own. Upon the news, Folake, readily stepped in to fill the gap, and truly helped CSR stay afloat. As the hospital began to circulate the vacant position for hire Folake immediately inquired to Nick. She wanted the job badly.  The position would allow her to start paying down the bill, and care for Tobi simultaneously. Nick told her to apply, but in the back of his mind was less then optimistic about her chances and qualifications. Well, out of roughly twenty applicants Folake ranked number two. Close, but no job, it was given to another person. However, Folake didn’t stop coming. Never ceasing, she came daily to volunteer her time. Rolling gauze and assembling packs assuring us she just wanted to keep her mind sharp!

Well, as of today Folake’s perseverance has paid off! Friday she signed a 1-year contract with Egbe Hospital, and today was her first paid day on the job! She is our new Central Supply Room Assistant. After some deliberation the hospital administration decided one person was just not enough. The CSR needed more then just one worker to maintain its heavy work load. Wow, how blessed we are watching this hospital work. It is like we have a front row, 50 yard line ticket, to the Holy Spirit Superbowl! God is so evident at Egbe Hospital. Constantly moving his players into the right position, at the right time, and calling the game winning plays- always turning injuries into victories!

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Be ready for Part 3 – Tobi Walks Out