At Our School We…

After a late start, a few expected, and then some unexpected breaks Egbe MK (Missionary Kids) School has finally finished its inaugural year!  We’ve had moments of laugher and moments of tears, assignments have been passed and others have been failed, our patience tested but love has never ceased.  To celebrate the end of the year the kids developed a list…IMG_4851

10 reasons MK School is the best school…

1.  At our school we get to argue over whose turn it is, to turn on the generator.

2.  At our school we get to perform our Christmas Play on Christmas Eve.IMG_5439

3.  At our school your teacher sometimes will call you a butt-hole, and she won’t be fired! (yes, yes I did : / ).

4.  At our school it is okay to take a field trip until midnight to look at the stars and constellations.IMG_6114

5.  At our school bathroom talk is accepted and expected (we have a lot of stomach issues, okay!?).

6.  At our school we have no snow make up days.

7.  At our school you get to go home for lunch.

8.  At our school on testing days we wrap our school in caution tape.


9.  At our school we don’t wear shoes.


10. At our school Jesus is talked about, Jesus is loved, Jesus is felt!

Pray for year two, pray for future students and teachers, and PRAY our school keeps bearing beautiful, beautiful fruit!


I’m too tired…..

Proud to call this little missionary my student!!!

Miles In Missions

DSC_9795Every Wednesday morning I wake up knowing that prayer rounds at the hospital are in the evening at 7pm. As I drink my coffee and have my quite time with the Lord I think of all the patients at the hospital that I will get to meet and pray with that evening. I wonder if any have not heard of Jesus or what Yoruba greetings I can say to put a smile on their face. Then my day begins. By lunchtime I am already starting to feel the effects of the heat and the many directions I have been pulled since I woke. Why am I so tired already? At 1pm an espresso normally solves the problem and I get my second jolt to finish the day strong. By dinnertime, I am thanking God for Shola, who has dinner ready. I don’t know what I would do if I had…

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