The Great Adventure : Earl and Joan Do Nigeria!

What a delight it was to share our lives in Egbe with Mom and Dad for nine days.  At some moments I almost needed to pinch myself to realize, YES, they are in fact sitting in our house.  It was indeed a great adventure as they breathed, ate, smelled, worked, played, and felt their way through our life here.  They have heard the stories and seen the pictures- following along from afar.  However, now I pray they may truly grasp our hearts and vision. To have caught a glimpse into why their kids excitedly and tenaciously fled 6,000 miles away from them! For it is only through a common strength and reliance on Him, that we may together live this out.  Our entire families calling, from which puts us on opposite sides of the ocean!  Love you Mom and Dad!

Here are a few “snaps” from their time here!

Mom and Dad arrive!!!


Nick Dad and Success ride in “d bush”!
Mom helping paint CARE Africa room.





Dad on bush ride
Dad checking out the local fishing village.
Mom visits George Campion Academy.
mom and dad egbe
Cruising through town. Mom holds on for dear life!
Visiting Living Spring Academy- another school!


Myself with my 2 Mommy’s!
Dad working with his small boy.
Church at 1st ECWA. Matching family outfits are a must in Nigeria.
On top of EGBE!!!