Just Call Me Peter

christmas pictureFor the month of December we were privileged with the opportunity to travel home and spend time with loved ones for the holidays.  Throughout the visit we were loved on immensely and created wonderful memories as we celebrated the season of Christ birth. However, early on in the visit I began to feel a lot like Peter atop the mountain during the transfiguration.

As our two worlds and two homes were colliding, it seemed just too perfect. We were together again with family and friends, enjoying the comforts of home, worshiping in our home church, and all the while getting to speak to others about Egbe. A ministry we love being a part, and now we are getting to tell the stories to those who make it all possible. All the elements were there and just like Peter I fell face down, crying, “Lord its just so good to be here!” Pleading, could we just capture this moment, memorialize it, and stay here forever?

hornets gameWe knew what going down that mountain had in store.  It meant more hard good-byes, more living outside our comfort zone, and more trials.  Nevertheless, when the time came to descend that mountain we were ready, we were calm, we had peace. Confidence in the man we were following and just like Peter, James, and John we felt Jesus saying, “Get up, don’t be afraid, follow me!”

Now, here we are back in Egbe. Being loved on immensely. Together with family and friends, enjoying the comforts of home, worshiping God everyday, and all the while getting to speak to other about our trip to the states. I fall facedown crying, “Lord its just so good to be here!”

And so, the story continues as we JOYFULLY follow HIM through every peak and valley. IMG_6164

5 thoughts on “Just Call Me Peter

  1. You guys are gifted prayer letter writers! Well done. It was good to see you, Nick, briefly while you came in to SIM USA for a couple of minutes.

    May God bless you richly as you serve Him by serving the people of Egbe in 2016. Take care of yourselves, and know that we are praying for you.


  2. Nick and Katy,
    Thanks for sharing the fun and emotions in your journey of faith. Its encouraging to hear your stories and transparency in how the Lord is working in your lives, and it is a great work the Lord is doing!
    May grace abound to you and through you,

  3. What a great way to show your love for all who know you. Many thanks for sharing yourselves and Christ with my SS class. Your blog entry says it all!!! It just keeps getting better. Much love…..Pat

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