A Grandmothers Love

Mommy Jo 1This week I had to experience being away from family during a very difficult time.  My sweet, sweet grandmother passed away more suddenly then expected.  To say its been hard is an understatement.  Below is what I wrote for her Memorial Service yesterday. She loved to read and loved to read our blog, so I thought I would share it here as well!

“Grandchildren are the crown of grandparents, and parents are the glory of their children.” Proverbs 17:6

With Mommy Jo I have lived my life never questioning this, never thinking for a moment I was anything less then a crown set high and proud atop her head. It was no secret Mommy Jo was smitten by her children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren. In her presence you always felt special, extraordinary even. Her kindness was overwhelming- an unexplainable, overflowing, bursting at the seams kind of thing. To me it seemed to surpass all earthly understanding. In return, I hope our family will follow through with the second part of Solomon’s proverb. I pray myself, as well as, all of her Mommy Jo 7children’s lives will continue radiating Mommy Jo’s glory. May her example challenge each of us to pass the crown of pure, Christ like love? It is very painful to not be physically present among you today.   However, I find peace knowing my absence in some small way displays Mommy Jo’s magnificence. How her life has propelled my life to the very place, which causes me to be missing today- what greater testimony, is that? How a love of a grandmother was so strong it only pointed me in one direction- running after Jesus Christ in a way that surpasses earthly understanding. I love you Mommy Jo, and through our tears we rejoice, knowing exactly how Jesus welcomed you home. It was that same sweet way you always welcomed us!

Love, Katie Kids Message to Mommy Jo