280 Days of Change and Still Changing

A blog written by Blessing. She wanted to share her story! ¬†So, here it is! Straight from her heart, even though I did want to edit out the part where she calls us annoying ūüėČIMG_0020

These two hundred and eighty days have been full of craziness, fun, hurt, anger, happiness, love, laughter, excitement, pure joy, and indeed change.

Where do I even start from? ¬†From the part that I had to develop an “oyinbo’s” (white man) stomach? ¬†No…no, that is all wrong. ¬†Let me start from how I came to CARE Africa. ¬†I got to know CARE Africa through Mommy Duro (my Aunt). ¬†This led me to Nick and Katie, my¬†loving, sweet and sometimes annoying new parents I have.

Before CARE Africa I was lost. ¬†Both of my parents had just died, and I was still grieving. Crying myself to sleep every night. ¬†On top of that I was living in a new town with new people. ¬†They were family, but I didn’t know them. They didn’t really seem to care that much. ¬†My brother and sister had also gone to live with other family members, so it was just me. It was so frustrating and painful.

IMG_0062But guess what came out of the blue??? ¬†Nick and Katie (an “oyinbo” couple) wanted me, a black girl, with all her flaws, to come live with them? ¬†I was a stranger to them in all the ways you can think of, but just like that I was moving in with them. ¬†That day I moved in…guess what…I had my own towel for the first time! ¬†I remember Katie saying, “Here is your bedroom, and here you can choose your towel.” ¬†I was like, “WOW! My own towel, isn’t that amazing?”

At first, I had to still go back to my families house on the weekends. I dreaded going there. I was really depressed and annoyed when Nick and Katie had to go back to the U.S. last year for Christmas.  Fifty- one days we were apart, I counted down every day.

When they came back then it was really a crazy, surprising change this time. ¬†One day I came home from school, and there were my other two siblings in the house. ¬†They were like, ” We’re coming to live with you!” I hadn’t even told Nick and Katie I longed to be with them, even if they drove me crazy. ¬†Isn’t that amazing? ¬†They are just awesome!

IMG_1600So, now here we are! ¬†Our days are filled with laughter, fun, and most of all craziness because of two loving “oyinbo’s”. ¬†It is a time of learning how to ride bicycles for the first time. Learning how to swim in the dam. Being told over and over again we can’t pile our plates high with only rice because it isn’t healthy (“oyinbo” stomach). ¬†Times when Katie got scared when I got very sick. ¬†Or that time when they thought Testimony was dead and kicked in our bedroom door, but she was just asleep with the door locked.

Now that I am writing this I can see more of God’s work in our lives. ¬†Shaping, moulding, and helping all five of us confide in each other more and more. ¬†I am just so grateful to God for connecting us to the most loving parent in the whole wide world!IMG_1186