The Toothpaste is Finished

IMG_1859Our two year term ended two weeks ago, the court has deemed us legal parents, our bags are packed, our families await (including a brand new nephew/cousin as of yesterday!), and our precious, two year supply of Crest toothpaste finished this morning! We are ready to come home! However, the kids US Visas sit at the embassy undergoing administrative processing?!

So, we ask for prayer. For this issues to be resolved quickly, as we struggle to endure patiently! We have watched God tear down MANY legal hurdles over the past seven months, and we are trusting in Him still!

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

12 thoughts on “The Toothpaste is Finished

  1. Prayers sent your way. Praying for a speedy completion of paperwork so you guys can be on your way back home.

  2. God bless you both. You have done amazing things. When do you plan on going back after your sty in the US?

    Amberly Bannister

    SIM Missionary in Bolivia


  3. Nick & Katie:

    Really 2 yrs. ago? I am sure you are torn, but anxious to come back home. I know Egbe will miss you. Future plans known yet? Congrats on your beautiful family! Sure sounds like Team Egbe is continues to get new folk committed to serve.

    Greg has gone to Alaska 3 years in a row, he is at Bethel for a month now. We are praying about our future involvement in missons. Greg closed his business 2 1/2 years ago and I continue to work until God ipens a new door.

    Will be praying for the Visas to expedite, but God’s timing is perfect, He is never late!



  4. Hope all goes swiftly and you are on your way here soon. You are in our prayers.
    Wade and Jan, and JC Grose Class

  5. Sounds like some great progress with the kids! Praise the Lord. Now praying that the final hurdle will soon be cleared. Hope to see you one of these days on this side of the pond.


  6. Prayers continue that those government procedures that move slowly will pick up speed and send you all on your safe way!

  7. I can’t imagine what you are going through right now but know that there are lots of prayers coming your way. I love you both and know that God will make a way!!!

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