Hometown Heroes

main street umc
Main Street UMC our sending church

As we head back to Nigeria we leave in complete awe of Gods amazing children and workers who surround us! The love we have received the past two months has been overwhelming! So many of you continue and continue to bless our family in so many different areas. Dinners, lunches, late night chats, the use of your car, the use of your vacation home, prayers, gifts, legal advice, legal contacts, new monthly supporters, continued monthly supporters, the list goes on. The astonishing part though is most of our stronghold comes from right here in our own backyard- Kernersville, NC! Not to overlook those not in K-ville who contribute greatly.  People all around the world are praying for and supporting us.  Please do not feel unappreciated or insignificant!!  However, the overwhelming support from this one place is very unique and deserves to be recognized!

Tri-City Landscaping of Kernersville (Riddle Supporter)

This backyard support has opened our eyes. Realizing how God is using not only us, but also an entire community.  The blessings of one used to bless another. ALL in the name of Christ. We are proud to be a part of and partner with such committed circles of believers who are gladly and humbly using their life and/or their business to meet the needs of others. We are home grown missionaries mainly because of hometown heroes like y’all!

Although much has been done, there is still much to do. As we head back to continue the work we are asking more of you to search your own heart. Our support account is still in need so would you prayerfully consider partnering with our work in

Miss Jenny’s Pickles Visit (Riddle Supporter)

Egbe, Nigeria?  If so you can click this link : Riddle’s Support or contact us by e-mail nick.riddle@sim.org or katie.riddle@sim.org to learn more.  We pray that Egbe Hospital is not only a blessing to the patients seeking medical care, but a blessing to those behind the scenes -YOU our hometown heroes!

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