The Dentist is IN!

img_0510The Egbe Hospital Dental Clinic opened last week, and ever since the excitement has been
felt all over town!  Patients have swarmed in to experience the dentist, many for the very first time!  This additional service to the hospital is yet another example of God’s great provision and miraculous work here in Egbe-land!

Dr. Yolanda Cintron, a Dentist of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, says God spoke to her very clearly
one night. While listening to a presentation about Egbe Hospital God told her she was the one! It was her who needed to locate and ship ALL necessary parts to open a img_1117Dental Clinic at Egbe Hospital.  She also heard God calling her to even more- she would need to physically come to Egbe herself!  After the supplies and equipment reached the ground, and and our team had finished building the clinic, she would then come. Coming with the sole mission of training the staff, and getting the clinic off and running!    Well she listened and responded to Gods call, doing just that!  Dr. Cintron has spent the last two weeks with us here in Egbe working around the clock.  Seeing patient after patient, she has made each moment a true teaching opportunity for our img_2116Nigerian staff.

Our family didn’t want to miss out on all the fun, and we too scheduled our appointments! The kids got to visit the dentist for the first time-  Iyanu received a good report, while Testimony did as well, but had to get one tooth pulled.  Nick and I also went for a cleaning, but left three wisdom teeth less!  Needless to say, the Riddle Family had several numb mouthes that night, but had fun laughing together about our dental adventure!

So, thank you Dr. Cintron for listening and following!  Thank you to the many who made the Egbe Dental Clinic possible! Egbe is now filled with whiter teeth and better breath; and lot of good brushing, swishing, and flossing is going on!

Who will be the next visiting Dentist or Dental Hygentist to Egbe?? Could it be you!!??