A New Year, A New Look

egbe-international-schoolThe Egbe MK School has undergone a major transformation for year 2017!  We are no longer just providing a source of education for missionary kids, but have expanded to serve a larger group.  Our compound school now offers enrollment to the children of Nigerian Doctors and Professionals serving and living at ECWA Hospital Egbe.  With this change we also had to change our name and our space. Therefore, the Egbe MK School is now Egbe International School, and has moved from our small, two room school house to a much bigger space with 3 classrooms, a large multipurpose room, and a kitchen!

img_2305We currently have seven students: one Kindergartener, one 3rd grader, three 5th graders, and one 8th grader.  So, when the decision was made to expand the school I quickly decided I needed help in teaching the diversity of students and grade levels.  Therefore, I have hired two Nigerian professional teachers Auntie Victoria Alabi and Uncle Moradeyo Aina to share in this new learning venture.  They are quickly learning how to use U.S. curriculum and adapting to work in a much different teaching environment then previously accustomed to. They also bring their own great ideas and knowledge; especially in teaching to the Nigerian educational standards. Also joining the team is Ruth John who comes everyday to cook lunch, as well as, works hard to keep the school tidy and neat!

eisThroughout my two years in Egbe I always felt the nudge to take this direction with the school.  I knew God was asking me to go further.  Not to solely focus on MK education, but go beyond.  However, I always remained hesitant.  It just seemed too much, too many unknowns, I was scared.  I dreamt and thought of how great it could be, but never was ready to jump!  Well, this year I decided to take the leap of faith and trust God for the details. I would tackle the unknown and cross culture barriers to offer a unique, diverse, and exciting learning environment for the kids on our compound. As well as, provide a great source of unity for our Egbe Hospital team.  The positives outweighed the negatives, so why not give it a try!?

img_2679I am the first to admit I am not fully equipped for this task.  Myself starting an international school from nothing!?   I need help!  There are many needs.  The biggest need is another missionary teacher.  Someone to come alongside and share in the joys and burdens of the ministry.  Also, financial assistance  I am currently the funding this project alone which means teacher salaries, books, school supplies, rental cost, power cost, etc. are all coming straight from my personal ministry funds. Students and parents are charged school fees, but it still does not cover all cost necessary to run the school.  Lastly, I dream of bigger and better resources: our computers are dated, we lack play items (blocks, puzzles, games) for the younger kids, PE and recess equipment is minimal, a playground would be nice, and the list goes on!

img_2687So, Maybe today you feel God nudging you to go beyond.  Maybe you are the teacher we need!?  Or perhaps you want to add us to your prayer list!? Possibly you want to buy a box of crayons?!  Or you would like to become a sponsor of one of our teachers or staff members!?  I invite you to join me in this ministry project whether it be time, gifts, or prayer.  So, please contact me at katie.riddle@sim.org for more information about Egbe International School!

Happy New Year!!


Happy 2017 from the Riddle Family!!! We are beyond grateful to the MANY who supported our family in ministry this past year.  Your prayers, words of encouragement, and financial sacrifice allows us to thrive in our work here in Egbe, Nigeria.  We look forward to the continued work together in 2017!  Stay encouraged!

“May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.”  Numbers 6:24-26